The Tours that will Make your Israel Trip Memorable

If you are in Israel then you must have the wish to explore the Holy Land. If you have not decided how to explore then the best way is to avail the VIP Israel tours guide service offered by us.

VIP Tours in Israel

The reasons for choosing us

The question that may be bothering you is why to select us when you can find various other tour operator organizing tours of the Holy Land. Let us see why to select us. There are certain features which we have incorporated into our services which make us stand out from the rest.

The uniqueness of our tours

The flexibility of our tours is one of the very first reasons for selecting us. We schedule the tour timing in such a manner that it is the ideal tours for Business person who does not have much of a time, Small groups who have a specific interest in visiting Israel, Families who would love to be together while they travel from one place of tourist interest to another and Cruise passengers who want to utilize sensible the time that they get ashore.

VIP Tours in Israel

The VIP tours will make available luxurious accommodation, deluxe transport vehicles, gourmet restaurants, the finest spas that are available in Israel. The arrangement will be made in such a manner that you will be able to relax and rest and be rejuvenated by having visits to the places of your interest.

VIP Tours in Israel

The amazing guide who present the country in front of you

The guide service that we offer also makes our tours to be the one to be selected. Mr. Ofir Horn who will be your guide in the tours that we organize is a licensed guide and has been in the service for over six years. His passion is to provide guidance to people like us who visit Israel and make them know about the interesting facts about various places of tourist interest.

VIP Tours in Israel

Mr. Horn will make you see Israel through his experienced eyes while offering VIP Israel Tours Guide.  After the tour under his able guidance, you will love the country called Israel, love the inhabitants of the state and be astonished by the warmth and authenticity of land. Not only that during the tour you will start loving the combinations of cultures, traditions and religions which dominates this land. You will be amazed to see Israel’s hidden gems being unfolded before you when you are a part of the tour under his guidance.

VIP Tours in Israel

Variety of tours that we arrange

If you look at the variety of tours that we arranged you will be amazed. To name a few they are:

  • Classic Tours
  • The Christian Experience Tours
  • The Bar-Bat Mitzvah Thrill
  • The Jewish Experience.

VIP Tours in Israel

If you wish to explore the beauty of Israel nature, call today +972-50-4444324 to get our reliable assistance!


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